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  • Toronto Trans March – June 2014

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    Toronto Trans March – June 2014

    I was quite excited to host the stage at Toronto’s Trans March along with S Bear Bergman. It gave me a chance to dust off my emcee talents in front of a crowd of thousands. A surprising number of minor things went wrong in the runup to and during the event, but we managed to [&hellip...

  • Feminist Porn Conference – April 2014

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    Feminist Porn Conference – April 2014

    I presented my workshop, Responding to Criticism. In it we discussed effective ways of dealing with criticism while in the public eye, including how to identify legitimate concerns you should be responsive and accountable to as opposed to illegitimate criticism based on prejudice, bigotry, or plain old bullying.  I think my favorite part was toward [&hellip...

  • Creating Change – Feb 2014

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    Creating Change – Feb 2014

    It was exciting to co-present the workshop Trans Positive Trans Sex with S. Bear Bergman. The room was filled with roughly 200 people, which isn’t unusual, we’ve done this workshop previous years to similar crowds. Working with an audience this large demands certain adaptations and adjustments to help everyone still feel engaged and participatory.  The [&hellip...