Presenter, Trainer, Consultant


Tobi is available to construct curriculum or address individual topics and issues.  Below are some examples of recent workshops.

  • Trans Bodies, Trans Sexualities
  • Not Victims, Not Fantasies: Sex Worker Realities
  • Femmephobia and Masculine Privilege in Queer/Trans Communities
  • Fighting Transmisogyny
  • Colonized Experience, Colonized Identities
  • Holding Allies Accountable, Starting with Yourself
  • Productively Responding to Criticism
  • Bridging the Other Gender Divide: Organizing Between Trans Men and Trans Women
  • What Makes Porn Feminist?
  • Porn as a Social Justice Tactic (can be done in conjunction with a screening or a writing workshop)
  • Writing Erotica Workshop
  • Understanding Polyamory
  • Transracial Adoption in White Queer Communities
  • Building Individual, Community, and Movement Resiliency
  • Video Storytelling
  • Zine Making
  • Stripped Bare: a performance piece on experiencing transmisogynistic harassment

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