I’ve been presenting workshops, trainings, and lectures for over fifteen years. For many of those years I made speaking engagements and organizational consulting my primary work. Now that I’m working full time as Communications Director for a non-profit organization, my availability is much more limited, but I still very much enjoy this work and would like to continue it.

If you represent an organization or campus interested in booking me, please note that I am especially interested in opportunities to promote my current work, outlined in the four areas below. Beyond that, custom workshops, trainings, and audits can be created based upon a previous workshop or the specific needs of your organization.

Book Readings

Always looking for opportunities to share and promote my writing, please check My Books section to see more details about my writing.


FIlm Screenings

I have several award shorts and an extensive award winning erotic documentary all available for screenings.

Trans Cultural Competency

Drawing upon all my experience, I’m very interested in helping organizations better serve trans populations, especially those providing vital services

Fallen Star

A one-woman play about a trans super hero turned villain who tries to take over the world. Available after May 2018.

Previous Workshops

Note: As this page is being updated, some of the below workshops may temporarily be missing descriptions

Trans Bodies, Trans Sexualities

Based on the realization that most sex education is designed only with cis people in mind and is full of information that doesn’t quite apply to trans people, this curriculum is what sex education looks like when designed for trans people first. Created in collaboration with S. Bear Bergman, this workshop is best with large audiences of 40-200 people, but can also be adapted for small groups. It’s been presented at the Creating Change conference several times as well as a handful of other venues.

Not Victims, Not Fantasies: Sex Worker Realities

Most media representations of sex work are wildly inaccurate, usually as powerless victims with no autonomy and sometimes as glamorous figures facing no hardships, discrimination, or repression. This workshop breaks through the stereotypes to discuss sex worker realities. Looking at the direct sources of exploitation and what make for good or poor working conditions, sex workers are already taking power and advocating for some basic and practical solutions. This workshop has been presented at various campus including Smith College, the University of Oregon.

Fighting Transmisogyny

One of the most popular and necessary workshops, this was originally created as an in-depth 4 hour training for a specific non-profit and included opportunities to breakdown and begin problem solving issues of transmisogyny they are dealing with – both that they are organizing against and internal dynamics in the organization. I found it to be incredibly impactful and valuable, especially for a group of people who know each other and are working together. But due to time restraints common in other settings, I’ve re-worked a version of it to be a 90-120 min workshop for a general audience.

Femmephobia and Masculine Privilege in Queer/Trans Communities


Colonized Experience, Colonized Identities


Holding Allies Accountable, Starting with Yourself

Based on the assumption that there are a few forms of oppression that each of us benefit from and can support others. A strong community is one where we are all in mutual allyship with each other. Beginning with a discussion about what allyship means and how the role is commonly mishandled, this workshop is a rigorous overview of ally skills and techniques that are helpful in a wide range of situations, grounded in role playing scenarios and other opportunities to directly practice these skills.

Productively Responding to Criticism

Criticism is hard to take. Anonymous online criticism can be tricky to handle. This workshop begins with identifying the difference between drive-by criticism meant only to harm, legitimate frustrations, and the gray areas where someone is legitimately hurt and reacting out of anger. Using sample tweets and facebook comments, participants will get to practice deciding when to ignore, when to ban, and how to respond in ways to de-esculate conflict and find ways to work together with your critics. This set of skills is essential for anyone who is a public figure, runs social media for an organization, or just wants to engage in internet discourse without it always devolving into a flame war.

Porn as a Social Justice Tactic


Writing The New Erotic

This writing workshop is built upon the philosophy that brought together the anthology, Nerve Endings: The New Trans Erotic — a holistic representation of sexual experiences that include the ups and downs of trauma, healing, abuse, supportive relationships, and powerful erotic experiences. With a few techniques and common pitfalls to avoid in writing on erotic subjects, participants will get an opportunity to write and share in the workshop.

Relationship Ethics for Non-Monogamous Relationships


Trans Bodies, Trans Sexualities


Transracial Adoption in White Queer Communities


Video Storytelling


Zine Making