Film Screenings

Tobi’s award winning films have been screened at colleges and universities across the United States, Canada, France, Germany, and Japan. She is available to host screenings and lead post film discussions of the socio-cultural issues brought up in them, including consent, healthy relationships, sexuality and aging, disability, and immigration.

If you would like to screen a film but do not have the budget to bring Tobi out, please request permission to publicly screen a film. Permission is usually granted with no fees, and it is helpful to know when and where screenings are occurring.


Transgender Women and Sexual Health — 2016
PSA about PrEP created for Project Inform (link)

Money Shot Blues & How to Fake Ejaculation — 2014
Autobiographical short film exploring Tobi’s first mainstream porn shoot

Doing it Online — 2013-2016
Erotic documentary series continuation of the Doing it Again DVDs
Winner of Feminist Porn Award Best Docu-Porn

Doing it Again vol 3 – subtitles — unreleased
(Later re-released as Doing it Online, episodes 10-11)

Doing it Again vol 2 – Fearless Revealing— 2014
(Later re-released as Doing it Online, episodes 5-9)

Doing it Again vol 1 – subtitle — 2013
(Later re-released as Doing it Online, episodes 1-4)

The Genderfellator — 2012
Sci-Fi Political Porn Parody Musical, unoficial sequel and criticism of “The Gendercator,” winner of Feminist Porn Award Honorable Mention

Doing it Online: The Trans Women Porn Project — 2010
The first porn film made by and for trans women and our communities
Winner of Feminist Porn Award Emerging Filmmaker