Online Store

For over a decade, Tobi ran the Handbasket Productions and operated an online store. That store no longer exists, but everything from it can now be found at the stores below. From the very beginning, Handbasket had a clear set of goals and values in representation.

We strive to provide diverse representation of individuals and realistic characters predominantly set within queer and trans communities. Within these representations we seek to address important and difficult issues including growing up with LGBTQ parents, healing from abuse, transphobia in queer communities, racism in queer communities, sex work, dealing with sex negative community norms, and transmisogyny. As well as other important issues as they arise in our community.

Gumroad Store

In 2006, Tobi wrote her first zine and took it to the Portland Zine Symposium. At that point, Handbasket was born as a zine distro. Adding new titles and tabling at conferences and events, Tobi continued distributing Tobi’s zines for 5 years, before shifting her focus to film production. All zines from Handbasket, along with some of Tobi’s new self-published work, can be found at pay-what-you-can prices at Gumroad.

Pink Label Store

In 2010, Tobi unveiled an unfinished version of her first film, Doing it Ourselves, and won the Emerging Filmmaker Award at the FPAs. She went on to complete two films and an award winning feminist erotic-documentary series. The focus has been to present a humanizing and holistic image of trans people’s sexuality. Exploring issues from dysphoria and trauma to immigration and disability, this work is now available for online streaming at Pink Label.

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