Bring Tobi to You

Tobi has been presenting workshops, trainings, and lectures for two decades. For many of those years she made speaking engagements and organizational consulting my primary work. Now, working full time as Executive Director for a human and civil rights organization as well as raising a child, her availability is much more limited, but she still very much enjoys this work and would like to continue it. Tobi’s current focus is around these four areas:

Fallen Star

A one-woman play about a trans super hero turned villain who tries to take over the world. Explores theories of social change

Trans Cultural Competency

Training and technical assistance to help groups address structural limitations and improve capacity to work with trans people.

Book Readings

Tobi is always looking for opportunities to share and promote my writing, please check the Book list to see more details about my writing.

Film Screenings

Tobi can do Q&A and screen any of her award winning shorts and feature films that have screened in film festivals around the world.

If you represent an organization or campus interested in booking me, please contact with details of what you are looking for. With a range of workshops, trainings, other material, we can usually find something that will fit your budget.

Previous workshop titles include

  • Trans Bodies, Trans Sexualities
  • Not Victims, Not Fantasies: Sex Work Realities
  • Fighting Transmisogyny
  • Femmephobia and Masculine Privilege in Queer/Trans Communities
  • Colonized Experience, Colonized Identities
  • Holding Allies Accountable, Starting with yourself
  • Positively Responding to Criticism
  • Erotic Arts as Activism
  • Writing the New Erotic
  • Relationship Ethics for Non-Monogamous Relationships
  • Video Storytelling
  • Zine Making